Tooth: Cover 08 Feb 2016 04:45 am
Sequence: Zero | Segment: Tooth Rating: 5.00
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TuxedoDemon 04 Feb 2016 06:56 am
And it begins.


Because this is a do-over.

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Oly-RRR 08 Feb 2016 05:17 pm
Aw yeah, all this is really exciting! :D And it's a beautiful cover!
legendaryweredragon (Guest) 11 Feb 2016 12:39 pm
I actually don't like this cover as much as the original one. I can't quite figure out why, but when I look at this I can't help but think that it does not look like Sirius. I think that something about the way you drew the eyes is bothering me, but I am not sure, it could be something else.
TuxedoDemon 11 Feb 2016 07:25 pm
@legendaryweredragon: Eeeehhhh I think you'll change your mind by the time we get to the end of this version of Tooth. :B
@TrinityCodex (Guest) 15 Apr 2016 01:31 pm
What program/brushes did you use to draw this? it looks awesome!
TuxedoDemon 15 Apr 2016 04:14 pm
@@TrinityCodex: All Photoshop! As for brushes, I don't remember! Probably either ones I bought or made myself. Thanks!
HowlingX (Guest) 24 Apr 2016 06:58 am
@TuxedoDemon: I've got to ask, is photoshop as good as the internet makes it look like? I mean it seems like it is but I want to know from somebody who's actually using it. Also is it easy to use or is it tricky?
TuxedoDemon 24 Apr 2016 05:33 pm
@HowlingX: Photoshop is the current industry standard for professional artists and designers, so yes, it's extremely good software. I don't really understand why people use anything else, tbh, other than like, money reasons or their computer is garbage and can't handle the program (Photoshop is sort of a pig)

In regards to money reasons though, it's only like $10 a month, and for the amount of use I get out of it (it is what I use for my primary income), it's more than worth it.

For me it wasn't tricky; I'm largely self-taught with the program and have been using it for my work since I was 16 years old.

A lot of people will tell you it's tricky, but it's... really not, I don't know what they're on about, personally. It has many tools (which I've heard is one of the complaints of these people) but depending on what you're using the program for, you'll only end up using a few of them.

Like you'll use a completely different tool set for photo editing and manipulation than you would for painting/drawing, for example.

Idk, my best advice is to download and play with it and make a decision on your own, and also make sure you keep in mind what it is you actually want to do with your work.

Serious, professional artists don't use SAI, for example. They don't. You're pretty much required to use Photoshop in any studio.

But, if that sort of work isn't your goal, SAI and programs like it are fine.

So yes, it's wonderful, but you'll have to find out for yourself if it's tricky, I guess, and depending on what you want to do with it, you need to figure out if it's worth learning.

I hope that helps!
HowlingX (Guest) 24 Apr 2016 07:01 pm
@TuxedoDemon: Thanks! Reason I was asking was cuz' I've been wanting to work with a better art program.
I got sketchbook pro because I thought it looked good since it has these certain tools I liked. (also cheap)
But once I got it I realized why some of the people on Youtube colored by hand rather than use the flood bucket tool. Which saves time, but on this program, the flood tool doesn't work too good a lot of the time.
OMG, you wouldn't believe how annoying it is to have color by hand every single spot on the picture!
Okay, so there's that, and like I don't understand why but sometimes I'll flood tool the background and than one of my critters will just have like half a body merging with the background colors!! It's so weird! I don't consider the program to be horrible compared to what I was using before, but the coloring system in it is garbage. Guess that's what I get for cheap. (-.-,)
TuxedoDemon 24 Apr 2016 08:08 pm
@HowlingX: "OMG, you wouldn't believe how annoying it is to have color by hand every single spot on the picture!" I'm sorry, I have to laugh a little bit; what do you think traditional artists do? :P We digital artists are spoiled.

More seriously, I'm glad I was able to help some. I actually don't know too much about sketchbook pro, as I've not used it much, but I do know that most folks don't really use it to create finished products, and it's really just, well. A sketchbook.

Photoshop is definitely the way to go if you want the most freedom and ability to experiment. It might be a little overwhelming compared to something as basic as Sketchbook Pro, but it is great once you get more familiar with it.

Sometime in the future I'm considering doing video Photoshop tutorials for illustrators like myself. I'll likely make a post on my Twitter when I get around to that.
HowlingX (Guest) 24 Apr 2016 09:39 pm
@TuxedoDemon: Did not know that, it all makes sense now. (0.o) But thanks again, it's cool to ask questions like this from others who also draw. To be honest I've just gotten around to drawing digital so I'm like a widdle baby with it! Hehe, I'm more used to paper. Both have pros and cons, but I'm starting to like digital more and more due to the crazy things I can do to my pictures that I'm unable to do on paper. This'll be my last comment on this page for now, I don't want to seem like a bug! :D